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Harmony & Pitch offers singing lessons taught by our trained teachers who are seasoned performers. With their experience, they will guide you through singing techniques and impart their know-how on how to shine on stage as a performer.

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Voice Lessons in Singapore

Our classes are open to everyone regardless of age or ability. Our students range from kids as young as 5 years old to adults. Learn proper singing techniques from basic breathing techniques, vocal range expansion to higher level skills such as mastering diction and expression in singing. Our trained teachers are able to customise lessons based on your ability and learning pace.

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Vocal Class in Singapore

Proper Breathing Technique

Breathing correctly can improve your singing tremendously. Learn the proper breathing techniques for singing including exercises that can help you master breathing correctly for singing.

Expand Your Vocal Range

Hit all the notes in your favourite songs. Discover the ways to hit high notes without putting a strain on your vocal cords. Our instructors will guide you to reach a wider range of notes by showing you how to transition between your head and chest voice seamlessly.

Singing With Expression

Singing is all about expression of feelings and emotion. Learn how to sing with expression by incorporating proper diction, dynamics and more. At Harmony & Pitch, our instructors guide you through exercises in detail and customise them to your unique voice style and favourite song genre.

Voice Care

Singing with proper singing technique is vital in preventing vocal cord damage. Our teachers are able to identify harmful singing habits and correct them. Learn how to care for your voice when preparing for any performances.

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