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Inspiring lives through music

With innovation in mind, Harmony & Pitch is a music school that strives to provide holistic musical education to students of all ages and background.

Our music courses are specially crafted to suit individual learning styles and pace, with the ultimate goal of helping our students achieve their musical aspirations.

Why Choose Our Music Classes?

Customised Lessons

We provide learning style assessments.

Embrace Diversity

We welcome students of all ages and background.

Dedicated Teaching Staff

We have a team of professional music teachers who are ready to help you.

Performance Opportunity

We give you the chance to showcase your talent on stage.

Ideal Environment

We provide a cosy and conducive learning environment.

Master Techniques

We will train you to perfect musical techniques.

Music Lessons and Programmes

Piano Lessons

Undergo a personalised lesson plan. Choose from ABRSM/TCL, Diploma to leisure learning & improvisation programmes.

Guitar Lessons

Learn different guitar-playing techniques and indulge in the genre of your choice.

Vocal Lessons

Learn correct singing techniques including proper breathing, diction and expression. Sing to your heart's content!

Violin Lessons

Learn bowing techniques, right posture, intonation and more to become a great violinist.

Woodwind Lessons

Learn how to play a clarinet or flute and create beautiful music

Music Theory Course

Prepare for ABRSM/TCL examinations with intensive music theory classes.

Music Foundation

Known as Harmony Kids which is a programme that exposes children 3-5 years old to basic musical concepts.

Music Course For Seniors

There is no time like the present to learn to play new instrument, for adults age 55 and above.

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