Master the Language of Music with Music Theory Lessons

Music theory is the study of the fundamental building blocks used to create, organise, and communicate music. Having a strong foundation in music theory provides musicians and music students with a solid base for their musical journey.

Elements of Music Theory

Music theory is a broad field that studies the inner workings of music, as well as the rules and guidelines that influence its composition and performance. For students who are beginning to study music theory, the first topics they will cover are the basic elements of music theory: notation, rhythm, and melody. These key elements allow them to interpret sheet music and improve their phrasing.

As students progress in their music education, they will be exposed to more advanced theory concepts, such as orchestration, harmony and chord progression. Mastering these concepts enables students to unleash their creativity and compose unique melodies, opening up a world of endless musical possibilities.

Develop a Better Understanding of Music

Music theory is an invaluable part of a student’s music-learning journey that transforms how they approach and appreciate music. Developing a foundation in music theory offers students a structure and framework to analyse and appreciate how the piece’s intricacies interconnect to create a harmonious composition. This framework extends beyond appreciation and empowers students and musicians to broaden their musical horizons through improvisation and composition, allowing them to express their creativity and individuality as musicians.

Music Theory in Music Diplomas

For musicians aspiring to pursue further education in music, having a confident and firm grasp of music theory is a great way to stand out from the crowd. For most musical diplomas like the ones offered by ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and TCL (Trinity College London), music theory is a vital component of the program. Incorporating music theory as an examinable component of the diploma ensures that musicians have a solid foundation in the theory behind music, enabling them to read and interpret sheet music, as well as create their own compositions.

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Keen to start a music theory class? Enrol with Harmony & Pitch today. We offer both individual and group music theory classes. Students can choose between the regular monthly programme or the intensive 10-week programme. The intensive 10-week music theory course consists of 10 classes of 60 mins lessons and is ideal for students rushing for their music theory exams.

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