Piano – Jazz & Improvisation

Music for Leisure

Our Jazz Piano and Improvisation programme balances the development of technical skills with creativity and aims to enable individual students to learn how to sit down at a piano and easily start playing their favourite music, from jazz and pop & rock to church music.

This course offers piano students of all ages a chance to explore jazz styles, improvisation techniques and music expressions. It covers all aspects of jazz piano including chord progressions, extension of chords, modes, scales, rhythm variation, jazz riffs and much more!

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Student can choose their preferred music genre – Pop, Jazz, Classical, etc.
  • Music composition and improvisation programmes are available
  • Include basic scales, theory and aural trainings
  • Can be tailored to achieve individual music goals

Learn Improvisation

Understand rhythm, tone, and dynamics with the instrument of your choice and learn to become the musician you desire to be.

Learn from various playing styles and music concepts of your choice and develop a greater sense of appreciation for both the instrument and the music genre.

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