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At Harmony & Pitch, we offer a variety of violin lessons for students of all ages. We tailor the lesson plans to your specific skillset, ensuring that you have fun while learning the instrument. We welcome students of all ability levels, from those who have never played before to ones who have had years of practice.

We take satisfaction in our teaching, making sure that each class is tailored to the individual needs. Our team of teachers, as highly certified and experienced educators, believes in developing our students and bringing the most out of each individual, therefore courses are tailored to each learner. If you have no prior musical training, we will begin by laying a solid foundation for you. We’ll work at your own pace, making sure you don’t feel rushed during the lessons. Our welcoming, calm atmosphere is designed to give you the confidence you need to not only learn how to play the violin but to excel at it.

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Violin Lessons

Regardless of your skill level and experience with the violin, our classes are specially tailored to suit your learning pace and music learning. Our violin programmes include music certifications such as ABRSM and Trinity College of London (TCL). Our teachers also teach leisure violin classes where you can explore and learn various songs and genres of your choice.

If you are interested to play an instrument similar to the violin, but with a mellower sound, you can choose to take our viola lessons. Contact us for a free consultation and trial lesson.

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Violin Teachers Profile

Mr Junyi Yong

A Music degree holder and a scholar from the prestigious YST Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore, Junyi was under the tutelage of Garfield Jackson (Endellion String Quartet), Roger Tapping (Juilliard Quartet) and studied violin under two SSO violinists, Cindy Lee & Joshua Tan and played violin in numerous symphonies with Orchestra of the Music Makers and also performed in many other orchestras and ensembles.

Junyi teaches Violin and Viola at Harmony & Pitch and is an experienced and conscientious teacher who is especially good at establishing the right playing techniques with his students.

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