Music Foundation

Music Foundation Programme – Harmony Kids

Harmony & Pitch offers this programme for children ages 4 to 5. Our programme, called Harmony Kids, is structured to provide your child with a solid musical foundation through specially crafted activities and music exercises.

Our objectives are to create a learning platform for your child to gain a good understanding of basic musical concepts and to lay a strong music foundation for his or her musical aspiration ahead.

As your child go through the Programme, he or she not only learns the essential music elements – rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, timbre, dynamic and form, but will also gain the abilities to

  • analyse (reflective thinking)
  • create (innovative thinking)
  • perform (active learning)

Our Music Foundation Programme also aims to nurture creativity, cultivate the love for music and foster self-awareness with the aim to build self-confidence as your child journeys with us.

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