The Benefits of Singing for Health & Well-Being

Do you fall under the category of people who love singing, especially when you’re stuck in traffic on the way to school or work? Perhaps you sing in the shower first thing in the morning or after a long day to wind down. For many of us, singing comes naturally, especially when it’s a song that’s too catchy not to follow along with. While it can be perceived to be solely for our entertainment, it does offer several benefits across many different aspects of our lives. Maybe some good does come with singing to some tunes every morning. We’re here to explore the benefits.

a man with an electric guitar singing into a microphone.

Physical Benefits: Improved Respiration

Singing can improve your breathing and posture. When you sing, you must take deep breaths and use your diaphragm to project your voice, which can help strengthen your respiratory muscles and improve your overall breathing function. Additionally, it also requires good posture, which can help improve your overall muscle tone and alignment. A study published in the European Respiratory Journal found that singing improved breathing function and increase muscle strength in the intercostal muscles (the muscles between the ribs) in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Mental Benefits: Stress Reduction

Often, the thought of relieving stress with music can be overlooked or illogical to some. However, it has been proven that music, in general, can contribute to the well-being of our mental health. A clinical research concluded that while listening to music may provide numerous benefits, there was a clear difference in the additional effects that come with singing, especially in a group setting. Singing releases hormones known as endorphins and oxytocin, the former being responsible for our feelings of pleasure, with the latter working to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Emotional Benefits: Increased Happiness

It goes without saying that we wouldn’t go out of our own way to act on something we don’t like. Singing conjures a lot of joy and positive emotions. To feel lighter and be in a euphoric state is a testament to what singing can do for your emotions and state of happiness. For something so simple to do, a few minutes is all you need to bring yourself the encouragement and cheer you need. With singing being a form of self-expression, it does wonders for your confidence and self-esteem while providing you with a source of therapy that isn’t dependent on anyone or anything else but you.

group of friends having fun singing together with microphones

Social Benefits: Connectedness

Who doesn’t love singing with a group of friends? Singing together allows people to bond over a shared activity and build friendships. By sharing experiences and memories, social connections are naturally established and will contribute to a sense of community. That being said, even outside of a group environment, singing can be a medium for individuals to express themselves with others on a more emotional level. All it takes is a similar interest or feeling to form a stepping stone that will lead to a link of understanding and familiarity between one person and another – in this case, singing! The social bonding effects go beyond the factors of age and lifestyle and can be a crucial source of support and connection.

Creative Benefits: Expression & Exploration

We’ve had times when words just don’t seem to make the cut in delivering how we feel. The good news is that singing does not demand an interpretation or translation of our emotion. It is simply a channel for us to pour out our feelings; between the best days of our lives and the occasional downs we are dealt, singing provides a spectrum with no restrictions over how we express ourselves. When you sing, you convey a wide range of emotions, and the lyrics and melodies of a song can help you not only process your feelings but explore them as well. Songs can be tied to our identity and sense of self, being able to communicate our beliefs, values and personality to others. Singing is no doubt can be a powerful tool in allowing us to portray our emotions in meaningful ways.

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Overall Well-Being

Singing provides numerous potential benefits for a person’s overall well-being. There shouldn’t be a notion that it’s solely for entertainment purposes. The act of singing has been proven to improve many aspects of our lives. The above-mentioned benefits are potentially lasting foundations that can be built upon to preserve healthier lifestyles and a push for individuals to freely express themselves.

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