8 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

top view of musical instruments, like the guitar, saxophone, violin, and keyboard lying on the sheets for music notes over wooden floor.

For many, the idea of learning to play a musical instrument becomes intimidating after accounting for the investments needed in terms of money and time. In fact, a study shows that picking up a musical instrument means challenging the brain to one of the most complex tasks it could be assigned.

That being said, many benefits and perks come from picking up a musical instrument. From having your creativity unleashed to serving your mental health better, the art of music has come a long way from being a simple act of entertainment.

  1. It Is Therapeutic

The idea of playing a musical instrument should not be limited to what good it does for the people around you. If the artist had a canvas to work their meanings and thoughts through, the idea of doing the exact same thing within the medium of music is not too far-fetched. Listening to music with others will also provide stress-reducing effects.

  1. It Instills Discipline

There are a lot of factors at play when learning a musical instrument but one that almost feels like a non-negotiable is discipline. Having proper time set out for practice and learning ways to further improve upon your craft is a surefire way to set you up for success. The hill of discipline will be a hard one to climb. It will, however, take you far.

woman sitting on the couch and playing the guitar

  1. It Will Grow Your Confidence

While learning a musical instrument, there will come a time when people are going to ask you to play for them, and while it may be something you might have to get used to, it will do wonders in establishing your confidence and enable you to showcase everything you’ve got in the moment.

  1. It Gives You A Sense Of Accomplishment

Learning a musical instrument will always have you setting out the next goal to achieve. With each achievement, you gain the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve grown leaps and boundaries while always looking toward the next big thing that will leave you wanting more.

  1. It Constantly Sharpens Your Concentration

Playing a musical instrument introduces a new world of things to have to keep track of. Whether it is the tempo, pitch, or rhythm of a song, a lot of concentration is at play to ensure everything is working well. In the beginning, it may seem like it takes up everything you have to even follow but it has been proven to benefit attention control.

  1. It Builds Character And Enlarges Your Social Circle

The highlight of playing in a band or an orchestra is meeting different people, which means learning to work with them to achieve the same goal. It is a prime way of bringing you closer to people who share the same passion, and eventually, you will reap the rewards of cooperating with others in the field.

  1. It Expands Your Memory Capacity

Research has demonstrated that engaging with musical instruments improves cognitive thinking. In the same study, people of older age were found to be associated with a lesser risk of dementia through practicing musical instruments.

  1. Music Classes Have Become More Flexible

Taking music lessons is not only a great way to get a feel for the instrument you’re picking up, but it also allows you to grow at a pace that’s most comfortable for you. Starting out slow with songs you’re familiar with is a stepping stone to having your foundations laid out before venturing out into other different genres or techniques. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you.

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